Neuplex is a knowledgeable and experienced Australian technology company and project developer. Through strategic partnerships with specialist Australian and international manufacturers, we have the impressive track record of providing innovative, reliable solutions in the fields of industrial automation and clean technologies.


We provide small to large solar PV system using our own MPPT technology and close loop control electronic design. The system has very high conversion efficiency of 97% all the time compared to conventional system of 67% in the worst case. Therefore our system can save up to 30% solar PV panels or extract 30% more energy from the same system.

Hundreds of our systems have been used for solar streetlights. They are also very suitable for remote housing, well pumping and greenhouse automation.


Our solutions have been widely used for wastewater treatment monitoring and control in Australia. The solution can be as simple as an integrated instrument for measuring and recording water quality, or as comprehensive as a complete system comprising sensors for water quality, level and flow as well as radio transmitters, recorders, controllers and advanced computer software. Our water management project capabilities cover both industrial and agricultural needs.


Through strategic partnerships with specialist companies in Germany and Holland, Neuplex is developing new capabilities in large scale renewable energy solutions such as solar trackers and combined wind/solar generators.

Internally, we are also developing instrument techniques in soil movement detection which if successful can monitor and give early warning of erosion and abnormal earth activities.