Manageable and affordable

Remote Wireless Monitoring, Alarm and Control of

Water Quality, Water Salinity, Water Conservation, Water Distribution,
Water Treatment, Water Pressure/Level/Flow, Irrigation Water

Coast, River, Canal, Lake, Reservoir, Fish/Shrimp Farm, Rice Paddy




  • Remote/Automatic/Networked Monitoring, Alarm and Control
  • Use Very Low Power (Minimum 12VDC/2mA)
  • Sensors/Switches Monitoring (14 inputs or more)
  • Data Logging/Trending (12 months or longer)
  • Data Communication/Networking (Bluetooth/Wifi/GSM/4G)
  • Alarms/Controls (12 outputs or more)
  • Software Programme requiring minimum three keystrokes to run
  • Complete system installed on customer demand

Sample Monitoring Programme

Temp Control Programme

Pump Control Programme

About Neuplex

Australia based Neuplex is a knowledgeable and experienced sensing/automation system designer/project developer. Since its inception in 1994, Neuplex has completed projects for 200+ corporate customers in water, electricity, mining, transport, automotive and process manufacturing domestically and internationally. As well as being an approved supplier to Australia Department of Defence and NATO, the major achievements include the design and supply of a 1,400 analogue channels data acquisition system for Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, India and three year solar projects implementation for Yulin City, China.

Our Team

Thomas Man - Principal Consultant

Thomas is a degree qualified electronics engineer with extensive applications and project experience in test & measurement, industrial automation, sensor interfacing, data acquisition, data communication and data analysis. His latest development is dynamic stability monitoring of heavy vehicles, lifting equipment and industrial robots to prevent rollover or collapse.

Bob Li - System Engineer

Bob has a Masters in Electronics and worked as a test engineer at Ministry of Aerospace, China. He is the mastermind of NEUTROL software, the easiest to use programme for remote monitoring and control. His latest development is a web server for the next version of NEUTROL networked system, as well as advanced software for soil, water and power monitoring.

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